sellmeheaven (sellmeheaven) wrote in fridayglamour,

general feedback entry


Friday Glamour has been through some changes since our last feedback entry (we've reached 2000 members, started some new activities, our graphics are now exclusive... just to name a few), so we decided to do one of these again! The only difference is that instead of using a poll, this time we've decided to make an entry to let you all directly say what you think about FG: how you feel about our community, what you like, what you don't like, your favorite makers, how do you feel about our recent changes, suggestions, etc.

We're hoping to get a lot of constructive criticism, and please don't hesitate in being honest! We work hard on our graphics for you, so it's seriously your opinion that matters the most.

All comments are screened b/c I want to avoid bashing (tbh I know you all would never do that, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious). I'll unscreen them as soon as I get them. And yes, anonymous comments only.

P.S.: I know it's been a slow week for graphics but this will change asap, so no need to worry! :)
Tags: community: feedback
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